Friday, December 26, 2008

My First Rag Quilt

Well I finished my first rag quilt and gave it to my mother for Christmas.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A New Beginning....

Hello to all.

During my search for Christmas crafts and how-to's on several terrific items that I recently saw at our local Craft Fair, I noticed that there are so many talented people here at "" Ü Keep up the good work.

Crafting is my largest past time passion. I enjoy homeschooling my kids and we are all huge movie buffs. Hubby and I are planning on planting a large garden this coming spring since we just moved on our own land and will have the room. The kids will love growing their own food.

We are a christian family and are between churches, since we just moved. However, I am sure that we will soon find one that fits our needs.

If you haven't heard of the online magazine, "Creative Times", check it out at It is free and I am the "Organizational" writer. It is a really neat magazine that is growing by leaps and bounds all the time. I am looking for new tips to add all the time. If you would like to suggest some of your favorite organizational tips please feel free to email me anytime. I love hearing from people.

Take care and check back soon!!

God Bless,